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Healthy Travel 10.17.13
You are looking at a picture of our healthy travel snack loot from our recent trip to Illinois. Over the years I have traveled A LOT and I must say that as a health conscious person it has always been challenging to find healthy, whole foods in the airport. However, until I was diagnosed with a gluten and dairy allergy a couple of years ago-the challenge to find food in the airport became even greater. I have tried to make do for the last couple of years. My food search stories include locating the nearest smoothie (sans dairy) joint 2 terminals away, buying an apple that has probably been sitting on the counter for 2 weeks that the clerk charges you $2 for and it tastes like cardboard and eating iceberg salads minus the dressing because there are NO gluten/dairy free dressings available in the airport. Most of the time I have just gone with my safest bet to get some calories during my travels by opting for a Grande Starbucks Soy Cappucino. Only to arrive at my destination famished and now looking for a restaurant within walking distance that has gluten/dairy free options or at least a chef that is knowledgeable and willing to accommodate.

Several months ago I decided to stop the madness and do a little planning because I am a planner after all. I don’t make anything elaborate to take with me, but I do try to include most of the major nutrient groups. The food above is not all for me, the Carpenter accompanied me to Illinois so I packed some goodies for him too.

My Travel Snacks to Go for this particular trip included:
– Pre-cut veggies (carrots, celery and radishes)
– Hummus; my fav is anything spicy
– Fruit; 1 banana and apple for me, 1 banana and apple for the Carpenter
– Trail mix; this particular one has no gluten or dairy ingredients and they can often be hidden in trail mixes
– Avocado; this does require finding a plastic knife to cut it in half and a spoon or fork to eat the contents

Some other favorite Travel Snacks to Go are:
– Dried fruit; prefer those with no sulfites added
– Apple chips- I am completely addicted to the high crunch factor
– Rice or Corn Chex cereal in a baggie
– Single serving peanut/almond butter packs; so tasty on a banana or apple
– Soy nuts or dried edamame

Needless to say there are countless options and I hope this provides you with a few ideas the next time you travel. I will admit that if you have an extra-long flight, as we will when we head to New Zealand next month, that your travel partner might also double as a food sherpa. The Carpenter makes a great food sherpa. However, you don’t need to pack everything but for your first time packing Travel Snacks to Go bring a couple of items to munch on. Not only will it provide you with healthy options – you will save money!

Safe and healthy travels all,
The Cook

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  1. Great ideas! I never think ahead before a flight and of course, mid travel, all I really crave is something healthy after sitting in re-cirulated air for several hours. But $12 for a bowl of lettuce at the airport deli? Time to start bagging my veggies!

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