The Cook

I truly love everything about food.
Shopping for food.
Reading books about food.
Looking at pictures of food.
Talking about food.
Cooking food.
Sharing food.
And of course eating food.

My motto for life is ‘Keep it simple and enjoy the ride’. That is the same value I place on food in my life. Keep it simple with ingredients and preparation and enjoy the flavor and who you eat it with.

I describe the way that I eat as mostly plant-based but I am not a vegetarian. I live by the 80/20 rule; eating mostly whole foods, meaning they don’t come in a package. If they do, I can read and pronounce the ingredient list. I buy as much as possible from my local farmer’s market or stands along the road and will choose pesticide free if it’s available. I’m gluten and dairy free due to a pesky little allergy but at this point I would choose to be gf/df anyways. I don’t think there is any food that is ‘off limits’, unless you have an allergy. A little bit of anything is okay but too much of anything causes imbalance.

My way of eating has been a journey and I think it should be for everyone trying to eat “better”. There is no definition for the best way to eat but it’s all about where you start and the small changes that you make along the way. Just keep making those incremental changes, and you will reap the benefits after a lifetime of small changes added up.

Food is the cornerstone of gathering. What food brings together is what it’s all about – the people. It is the essence of hospitality. Conversations around the table, cooking with and for your family, baking cookies for the new neighbor, talking with a stranger over coffee. Food brings people together over and over again.

My wish for the Carpenter and the Cook is to celebrate the simplicity of food, inspire togetherness and gathering around the table.

Kerrie in The Horas' Kitchen