The Carpenter



Seriously, The Cook was not kidding when she said I needed a little break from woodworking. It seems like there is ALWAYS something to be done or that I want to do. This is how it is when a person finds themselves in their sweet spot. No matter whether I am making something for a client, myself or for the Cook, it seems that I always gravitate toward my little workshop. In the same vein of the Cook, I love everything about wood and trees. I love tools and I really enjoy working with my hands. It’s a passion that was seen early on and encouraged in many different times of my life.

I have a father who built homes when I was a kid. Some of my earliest memories are of us walking around in the jobsite mid-construction and that smell of fresh cut 2×4’s, concrete, and that unmistakable luminous Texas muddy clay soil. From the time I was able I was out there helping him with little projects and mostly cleaning the site. As a kid I would invariably forget the task and start to build things out of the scrap pieces of wood lying around everywhere. I built rough little chairs, boxes, crosses, picture frames, and all sorts of stuff. I used the wood for school projects and always had a stash at home for making forts and bike ramps.

In High School I worked for a while as a lifeguard and then at a place called Sutherlands Lumber. I loaded wood and learned all about the various types, sizes and qualities. As I got a little older and needed a better job my uncle took me on with his crew. We climbed trees, pruned them, took down the dead and dying as well as some landscaping. This was a pivotal time. We’d take some huge trees and it always seemed a waste to simply haul them to the dump so Tom (my uncle) bought a portable sawmill and started harvesting the lumber from the trees we could salvage. This planted a seed in me that would take 20 years to truly blossom.

paul and big log image

In 2012 I really started with the plan. I saw a beautiful tree on the local golf course that was blown down in the wind. Through some contacts and a lot of “divine intervention” I was able to obtain the tree and have it milled. I developed my business plan around an idea that I could harvest reclaimed and urban lumber for a small wood operation. I figured that it would not take too much and I had several of the resources at my disposal. With the wonderful support of THE COOK I was off and running…or gathering wood that is.

Today, I build a few items for sale that are from 100% reclaimed or repurposed wood. I have several sources for Urban Lumber and I’m developing a network of woodworker sand milling operations contacts. My goal is to develop a cooperative network that will share the resources and have the ability to offer great products from wood that otherwise would have ended up taking space in the landfill.

Wood working is a passion. I am also committed to using natural resources wisely and efficiently. If a beautiful Hickory or Cherry tree falls down in your yard, it should become something wonderful. It could simply be wood in the fireplace or transformed into a classic farmhouse table that your family eats meals on for the next 100 years. Either way, it shouldn’t end up in a landfill taking up space. I don’t like waste and I love everything about this process. From finding unique pieces of wood, to making tables, cutting boards or fun kitchen necessities, I hope that this business will transition from a hobby to my full time work over the course of a few years.