Linger a little…

Ralph Waldo Emerson Nature Quote

When was the last time you lingered? Do you even know what lingering feels like? To not have every moment of every day accounted for and planned. To allow space in your life to just exist. To leave time in your schedule for sitting, being and bathing in the moment.

Lingering is not laziness but rather defined time to purposely not be productive and accomplish tasks. At first read you might balk at the thought of lingering because you just don’t have time for it. What I propose is to truly evaluate what we spend our time doing. Many of us spend it profligately or recklessly and are not intentional about our time. What is most important to you? Glance at your schedule and it tells all. What you spend your time doing and who you spend it with is what is most important to you. If it doesn’t match up then it’s time to be more intentional.

Having space in our life and making time to linger can actually produce the strongest friendships. Taking time to just be with someone with no agenda cultivates relationship; time and space allows conversation to develop and flow. It might be that we need to make time to linger with ourselves, to allow time in our life to decompress and be silent.

So how are you going to linger this weekend? Make the time, you will be surprised at what you discover.

Cheers to making space in your life.