If you build it they will come….

Do you remember that line from the token early 80s movie with Kevin Costner?  I’m not necessarily a movie buff myself but who could forget the classic “Field of Dreams”. I watched this movie again recently…begrudgingly. It was one of those nights that we were in a movie watching mood, perusing Netflix to see what was available on demand. The Carpenter came across “Field of Dreams’ and instantly wanted to watch it. I on other hand was not in baseball movie mode. However I had no better movies to offer up so “Field of Dreams” it was. It has been at least 10 years since I have watched it and let me just say that 10 years definitely put a different spin on the message. At this time in my life it now ranks up there in my top 10 list. A little bit of inspiration, heartwarming for sure and a big dose of follow your instincts without knowing what’s next – I call that FAITH.

Do what you can do now.  Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow will reveal what the next step is.  It’s important to start building.

5 thoughts on “If you build it they will come….

    1. Hi Tia, how could I forget you! You were very instrumental in motivating me to get through grad school:) Thanks for the encouragement, can’t wait to look at your site. So good to connect again!

  1. Kerrie!!! I am officially your first obsessed fan!!!!!! You & Paul were already a couple that John & I looked up to–but now I will have insight into your cooking and projects?!?! I LOVE that you & Paul have created this!!!! Am SO looking forward to following along and trying your recipes! Even though we’ve been married over a year now, I’m still not too stellar in the kitchen–but I want to get better! John & I are always try to make the healthier choice and the past 6 months have focused on eating more whole/fresh fruits & veggies :). Just from what I’ve read tonight – your writing is just like you, Kerrie – so relate-able and interesting!!!! So glad y’all started this!!!!! —And I mean, how precious!!!! The Carpenter & The Cook!!!! XOXO, Katy

    1. Hi Katie! You are your typical encouraging self and too kind! I love that you and John like each other so much and that you are a big fans of the outdoors. I truly believe that being in nature together strengthens a relationship, as well as being in the kitchen together. My favorite part of the day is when Paul comes home and I step away from work to start preparing the night’s meal. It’s a time of hearing what went on in each others’ day, both doing tasks to contribute to dinner or one of us sitting on a bar stool while the other one cooks. I really just love cooking so much. You’ll start seeing more of what my overall vision is and I’m going back to school for holistic nutrition practitioner training. Very exciting for me:) I hope you are doing well and thank you for following my site. Would love your continued feedback or even requests for information or recipes you would like to see. Love, Kerrie

  2. Kerrie,
    this recipe looks delicious! I can understand the difficulty of traveling with an allergy. Years ago Mike and I took our older girls to Paris and Megan, who is severely allergic to tree nuts, was so nervous about eating anything there that we ended up living on Subway and McDonalds because I couldn’t speak any French to make sure she was safe to eat. So sad! Good idea to think about allergy traveling cards if I take her somewhere cool in the future!

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